Michel Bell & Bob Martin Showcase World Class Exhibition

Artist Michel Bell and his friend and partner Bob Martin, chief photographer at Wimbledon and at the 2012 London Olympics, received art enthusiasts for a high-quality art exhibit in Michel's Lac-Beauport residence. Joannie Rochette, figure skating silver medalist at the Vancouver Olympic games in 2010, was the guest of honour, and featured on one of the many paintings revealed during the event. Other paintings revealed were Micheal Phelps, Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros, and a Canada-USA Olympics hockey scene, at the Vancouver games. 

On the cover photo are pictured, from left to right, Yvan Ponton, Claude Rousseau, Bob Martin, Michel Bell, Joannie Rochette, Normand Rochette, Jean-Marie DeKoninck and Alain Goldberg.  

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More photos from the night:

Bob Martin, Yvan Ponton, and Michel Bell. 

Bob Martin, Michel Bell, and Jean-Marie DeKoninck.

Joannie Rochette.