Raising Funds for UNICEF with Harry Belafonte

Michel Bell was honoured to receive Mr. Harry Belafonte in a mission to raise funds for UNICEF Canada, at the Bellattitude Art Gallery in Quebec City. Bell and Belafonte paired up to put together a high-quality charity event, where an original Belafonte painting realized by the artist was sold. The painting portrays Beafonte during his first visit to Rwanda as an international UNICEF ambassador in 1994. It is Mr. Martin Bouchard, funder of Copernic, who put his hands on the art, and consequently, donated $35,000 to UNICEF. 

Many high-profile guests were present at the event, including UNICEF Canada president Mr. Nigel Fisher, and Lieutenant General Romeo Dallaire. In total, over $100,000 was raised, and Michel Bell was named 2008 UNICEF Canada Volunteer of the Year as a result.